Posing by the art installation. Stickwork by Patrick Dougherty
Shirt: J.Crew | Leggings: Anthropologie | Loafers: Gucci | Bag: Coach | Necklace: Anthropologie

We’ve spent the last few weekends at home after such a wild and crazy summer. Death Cab for Cutie played an amazing 2 hour show that I had been looking forward to since February. Panic at the Disco performed a free concert downtown which was fun. It’s just been nice to not live out of a suitcase (until October). Since it was officially autumn this past weekend, Dave and I took a day trip to Salem, Massachusetts. We did the usual: eating, visiting of museums, and graveyard walks but we forgot one crucial stop (because we are stupid) : the Hocus Pocus house. I need to remember to bring my leather jacket from my parents’ house because New England weather doesn’t wait for anyone.

salem2 salem3 salem4 salem5

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