Independence Day

july4_7I’m always a little nostalgic but those feelings are especially heightened when it’s summer.  Pool days (or sprinklers), ice cream, barbecues, etc bring back memories from my childhood. Independence Day celebrations with my family varied in size throughout the years but my parents made sure that the day concluded with fireworks. I always look forward to planning some celebration for July 4th.

I usually reserve the day to celebrate with my parents but since I have been home monthly for a week since March, the day was spent with my futurehusband (because I hate the word fiancé, especially when preceded with an article) and his family. The day began with Dave making me finish watching Independence Day. Then we headed off to Salisbury Beach, where his godparents have a home. It was a perfect day.





Sparklers on the beach with my future mother in law.


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    1. Susan Post author

      Thank you! Yup, I moved here in December. I’ll definitely pick your brain about weddings, it’s all I think about 🙂


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