Cherry Season

Dave and I visited our favorite farm to pick cherries. We visit Tougas Farms in the fall for apple picking, but we wanted to see what else the farm offered. Blueberry picking recently began but it was sold out by noon. However, we later enjoyed them in the form of donuts.

As we were navigating through the trees, we discovered this little nest. A closer look revealed some eggs and a couple of cherries that probably fell inside.


I tried to photoshop the cherry juice stains out of my dress.


cherry7Blueberry apple cider donuts.


8 thoughts on “Cherry Season

    1. Susan Post author

      Thanks! I didn’t either! This farm is actually about 35 minutes outside of Boston, I moved here in December. For a fun day trip about 75 mins outside the city, try the Warwick Valley Winery. It gets a little crazy though.

  1. casey

    Those cherries look amazing! We have small Hansen cherry bushes in our backyard and this is the first year that they’ve produced fruit! So exciting! 😀


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