Casual Friday

Casual Friday has lost its meaning since I started working from home; every day is casual Friday. Other people in my position have stressed that it is important to have a routine and to put some effort into getting ready. I am trying to heed that advice but sometimes it is easier to dress like you’re going to basketball practice. I came home last Sunday for my sister’s birthday and to complete some wedding specific errands. While at dinner for another friend’s birthday, my friend Brittany and I realized that our offices were a block away from each other (how did we not make this connection earlier). We met up for Shake Shack and took our meals to the rooftop plaza. Since she is one of the sweetest people I know, she obliged when I asked her to snap these photos of me not looking like a mutant.

casualfriday1  casualfriday2

casualfriday3Sheep’s Meadow, Central Park with some work friends.

15 thoughts on “Casual Friday

  1. Kaitlyn

    I find dressing up makes work better for me – but where I struggle is actually doing anything else (hair? makeup? nah.) But then when I do, I feel more productive and better, but it seems like such a hassle at the time! Love your outfit in the post, by the way!

    – Kaitlyn |

  2. Naomi

    Totally get you, my entire week is casual Friday now that I work from home again most of the time. I really REALLY need to get myself properly dressed every day and sit on a chair to work on my laptop instead of just sitting anywhere and everywhere. Actually this is just the reminder that I needed so thank you.

    x- Naomi in Wonderland


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