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Jessica’s Bachelorette Cruise

(The decor)

I know my responses have been at a glacial pace, but I really appreciate the sweet birthday wishes you guys left me. The highlight of summer has always been my birthday because….duh; it really brought a smile to my face. However, the real event of the summer was my friend’s bachelorette party weekend. I thought I was in love with our trip to the Hamptons, but this managed to top it. I think I laughed for 120 hours straight.

I was introduced to Jess after she transferred to Ithaca freshman year. We lived in the same dorm sophomore year and had some of the same friends. Somehow, we decided to be apartment mates for our senior year and have been great friends ever since. I was really honored when she asked me to be a bridesmaid and when she accepted the invitation to be in my wedding party as well. Following her bridal shower, she had a mini bachelorette party to include those who were unable to attend the cruise. There was a total of 6 of us this weekend; all but 1 of us were cruise newbies.

Our ship was the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas, which sailed out of Cape Canaveral, Florida. We spent the majority of day 1 by the pool, met Jess’ brother for dinner in the main dining room, explored the casino, and night club. On Saturday, we landed in Nassau and had about 12 hours to explore before the ship left port. We met a huge bachelor party at Señor Frogs and discovered that they were staying on our ship. We kept crossing paths and they eventually became our new buddies for the rest of the trip. The ship brought us to the private island of CocoCay on Sunday. There were some excursion options available but we just lounged in the water for the afternoon and then migrated back to the pool deck. We were safely returned on Monday morning with an abundance of weird, amazing, hilarious stories, sunburn, and a heavy feeling that we must do this again. 

bach1The gals paying attention during the Muster Drill.

bach2I never did find my sash after the first night.

bach3 bach4Beautiful views from our balcony room.

bach5The beautiful bride.

bach6 Jessica’s Last Sail Before the Veil” shirts in Nassau.

bach7 Starfish along the water. The shopkeeper’s wife was screaming at him.

bach8The StrawMarket.

bach9 I wonder where this leads.

bach10CocoCay, Bahamas.

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Chris invited a small group of us to his house on Cape Cod this weekend. It was sort of like a belated Independence Day celebration complete with an America cake, blue & red Jolly Rancher infused vodka, and my futurehusband in his favorite swim trunks. I hadn’t seen our friends for at least a month (most of June was spent in NJ/NYC), so it was a really good time. I also accomplished my lessons learned from Memorial Day weekend: don’t get poison ivy and don’t forget the champagne in the freezer because boom.

cape1 Rosé all day.

Vegas: my future in law’s 11 year old maltese.
Lobster roll at Clam Shack.

cape4 Great Bromances of the 21st Century.
cape5 Pretty flowers on the walk back.

cape6Me being super excited that I finally hit the golf ball. I also intended on making my friends snap photos of me in cute outfits but I spent most of my time in this swimsuit.

cape7 Zack reading a really strange pamphlet that one of us received at a coffee shop.


cape9 Dave trying to hit Martha’s Vineyard from our spot on the beach. We all just kept reciting quotes from Happy Gilmore to each other.

cape10 Leah promised us cake.

cape11Fire + s’mores.