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Posing by the art installation. Stickwork by Patrick Dougherty
Shirt: J.Crew | Leggings: Anthropologie | Loafers: Gucci | Bag: Coach | Necklace: Anthropologie

We’ve spent the last few weekends at home after such a wild and crazy summer. Death Cab for Cutie played an amazing 2 hour show that I had been looking forward to since February. Panic at the Disco performed a free concert downtown which was fun. It’s just been nice to not live out of a suitcase (until October). Since it was officially autumn this past weekend, Dave and I took a day trip to Salem, Massachusetts. We did the usual: eating, visiting of museums, and graveyard walks but we forgot one crucial stop (because we are stupid) : the Hocus Pocus house. I need to remember to bring my leather jacket from my parents’ house because New England weather doesn’t wait for anyone.

salem2 salem3 salem4 salem5

Birthday Weekend

birthday1There was a slight chill in the air yesterday which could only mean one thing: IT’S MAH BIRTHDAY. Naturally, I embraced my favorite gender stereotype and made it into a birthday weekend.

incubusOn Friday, Dave and I attended the Incubus concert; it was a great time. Brandon Boyd gave me life, especially when he began singing “Come As You Are” during the set for “Megalomaniac.” Incubus is one of my favorite bands so I was really happy to see them live for the first time. What also gave me life was the peanut butter and jelly burger from Flynn’s Irish Pub. Yup. Peanut butter and strawberry jelly on a burger. It sounds wrong but it was SO right.

I should spare everyone the tl;dr and just admit that I indulged a lot and basically stuffed my face after a week of clean eating. Saturday morning brunch was at Inna’s Kitchen, a spot in Newton that serves delicious Israeli cuisine. My future in laws took me to dinner at Grill 23 located in Boston’s Back Bay. Yesterday, I met up with some friends for brunch at Barcelona in Brookline. They had some great live music, an extensive bloody Mary bar, and delicious breakfast tapas; I think we ordered EVVVERRRRYTHING. I only managed to document what I wore to brunch (my other 2 outfits were so on point), this super comfortable knit dress from Anthropologie. The weather dropped low enough where I needed to actually put on the flannel.


birthday3 It’s not fall yet but I was making my way to stepping on the crunchiest leaf.


birthday5Dave pampered me all day. it was neat.


Beach Wedding

IMG_2797 I attended my first non Persian/Afghan wedding this past weekend. My uncle’s wedding (nearly 19 years ago) was pretty “traditional American,” but otherwise, I know, what a sheltered life I’ve had. The bride is a family friend of my fiancé’s and she and her husband put together a beautiful beach wedding. The weather was perfect, wine and lobster were in abundance, and the reception overlooked the ocean. As the night progressed, light from an almost full moon reflected on the water and eventually paired with a fireworks show.

The dress code was described as “resort casual”; they just wanted us to be comfortable and have fun. My hunt for the perfect dress took longer than expected. Everything seemed too floral or washed me out. Some random shopper at Cusp heard me complaining and she told me to check out the orange dress at the front of the store. It worked and it was on sale too, so double win.

wedding2 This was such a nice touch.



wedding5Candid with an open purse.

wedding4Full length with my future mother in law.


Casual Friday

Casual Friday has lost its meaning since I started working from home; every day is casual Friday. Other people in my position have stressed that it is important to have a routine and to put some effort into getting ready. I am trying to heed that advice but sometimes it is easier to dress like you’re going to basketball practice. I came home last Sunday for my sister’s birthday and to complete some wedding specific errands. While at dinner for another friend’s birthday, my friend Brittany and I realized that our offices were a block away from each other (how did we not make this connection earlier). We met up for Shake Shack and took our meals to the rooftop plaza. Since she is one of the sweetest people I know, she obliged when I asked her to snap these photos of me not looking like a mutant.

casualfriday1  casualfriday2

casualfriday3Sheep’s Meadow, Central Park with some work friends.