At the Arboretum

arb1My hair seems to require more maintenance since I started highlighting it again. I have been trying to grow it super long but it was in desperate need for a trim; my last cut and color was 4 weeks ago. I went in to see my girl yesterday and she worked her magic. I was really feeling myself after the blowout so I texted Dave that we should have a photoshoot. We went to the Arnold Arboretum in Boston and snapped some pics. What I wasn’t feelin’ were my mismatched socks, one high and one low, and the pimple I photoshopped out.

Afterwards, we went to The Regal Beagle for a pre-birthday dinner. It is one of my favorite brunch spots so I was happy that dinner was just as good (chef Stacy Cogswell was a contestant on Top Chef). My birthday is on Sunday so it’ll be more low key than usual, especially since it is the first birthday away from my parents. I’m seeing Incubus tonight so maybe that will get me excited to celebrate the weekend.

arb2 arb3 arb4 arb5 These ear jackets are my favorite accessory.


Checking out the hops. It smelled like the Sam Adams brewery, in a good way.


Beach Wedding

IMG_2797 I attended my first non Persian/Afghan wedding this past weekend. My uncle’s wedding (nearly 19 years ago) was pretty “traditional American,” but otherwise, I know, what a sheltered life I’ve had. The bride is a family friend of my fiancé’s and she and her husband put together a beautiful beach wedding. The weather was perfect, wine and lobster were in abundance, and the reception overlooked the ocean. As the night progressed, light from an almost full moon reflected on the water and eventually paired with a fireworks show.

The dress code was described as “resort casual”; they just wanted us to be comfortable and have fun. My hunt for the perfect dress took longer than expected. Everything seemed too floral or washed me out. Some random shopper at Cusp heard me complaining and she told me to check out the orange dress at the front of the store. It worked and it was on sale too, so double win.

wedding2 This was such a nice touch.



wedding5Candid with an open purse.

wedding4Full length with my future mother in law.


Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Hamptons

hamptons15After months of anticipation, it was time to stop being polite and start heading to Southampton, New York for my first vacation of the summer. I was especially excited because this was my first time in the Hamptons. Dave and I rented a place from AirBnB with some of our college buddies and 7+ strangers. I have to give major kudos to my friend Tom for organizing the booking of the place, picking up the food, and putting together a great crowd of people. The area itself is beautiful with lush, hydrangea lined homes and beautiful beaches. I think we all have an afterglow of sorts; it was a truly amazing weekend.

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Casual Friday

Casual Friday has lost its meaning since I started working from home; every day is casual Friday. Other people in my position have stressed that it is important to have a routine and to put some effort into getting ready. I am trying to heed that advice but sometimes it is easier to dress like you’re going to basketball practice. I came home last Sunday for my sister’s birthday and to complete some wedding specific errands. While at dinner for another friend’s birthday, my friend Brittany and I realized that our offices were a block away from each other (how did we not make this connection earlier). We met up for Shake Shack and took our meals to the rooftop plaza. Since she is one of the sweetest people I know, she obliged when I asked her to snap these photos of me not looking like a mutant.

casualfriday1  casualfriday2

casualfriday3Sheep’s Meadow, Central Park with some work friends.

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

Chris invited a small group of us to his house on Cape Cod this weekend. It was sort of like a belated Independence Day celebration complete with an America cake, blue & red Jolly Rancher infused vodka, and my futurehusband in his favorite swim trunks. I hadn’t seen our friends for at least a month (most of June was spent in NJ/NYC), so it was a really good time. I also accomplished my lessons learned from Memorial Day weekend: don’t get poison ivy and don’t forget the champagne in the freezer because boom.

cape1 Rosé all day.

Vegas: my future in law’s 11 year old maltese.
Lobster roll at Clam Shack.

cape4 Great Bromances of the 21st Century.
cape5 Pretty flowers on the walk back.

cape6Me being super excited that I finally hit the golf ball. I also intended on making my friends snap photos of me in cute outfits but I spent most of my time in this swimsuit.

cape7 Zack reading a really strange pamphlet that one of us received at a coffee shop.


cape9 Dave trying to hit Martha’s Vineyard from our spot on the beach. We all just kept reciting quotes from Happy Gilmore to each other.

cape10 Leah promised us cake.

cape11Fire + s’mores.