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Welling Court Mural Project


For about 2 and a half years, my main office was located in Astoria until the move to Midtown this spring. I felt like I knew the area pretty well for the basics: post office, parking spots, Starbucks. The opening scene of Orange is the New Black, season 3, episode 3, even had me all excited because I walked by that restaurant every day (um, where was I when this was filming). However, I was totally unaware that a mere 10 minute walk from my office was Welling Court – an area with over 130 murals, until I saw on Instagram that Danielle Mastrion was working on a piece. I was in the area on Sunday so I checked it out and it was truly impressive. Taking photographs of murals is kind of similar to taking pictures of art in a museum, minus the iPad, but I did put the camera down frequently to just take it all in.


wellingct3Mural by Danielle Mastrion, Lexi Bella, and Mike Baca to spread awareness for Yazidi women. “Hey dude, do you mind taking a picture of me?” – photo credit to the man above,


wellingct4Dasic Fernandez.





Last weekend, I got dolled up, except for the lack of manicure, and dragged my little sister to the state park so that she could snap some photos for my blog. Naturally, other humans had the same idea to visit the park. There was an engagement shoot, pregnancy shoot, and other randomness going on (at least we had just missed prom). We did manage to get away from the chaos and chill a little bit on “pride rock,” my sister’s secret spot. I’ve always loved this part of home and recently rediscovered it again.


I keep putting my engagement ring on/in things.

New York City

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to update as often as I originally had envisioned but there’s no point in forcing posts/content. Ah, it’s almost summer in New York!  I was there for the week, jumping right back into the bustle and commuting mode. I had some time to indulge in my favorite activities: rooftop happy hour, culinary pop ups, and overall exploring.

Audrey Hepburn in NoLita.

Pod 39
The Freedom Tower was so sparkly that night. This was taken at the Pod 39 rooftop.

Pod 39Also taken at the Pod 39 rooftop.

The lattes from Cup&Cup in Koreatown are ridiculously good. The baristas get really creative with their latte art – I once asked for a bear. Cash only.

DSC09187Crab rangoon from Brooklyn Wok Shop pop up for Broadway Bites in Greeley Square Park. The watermelon lychee juice was also perfect.